The right mattress for back pain provides relief

Sleeping with back pain

Sleeping with back pain is a torment. Sleep pad tailored to you provides relief and prevents. Meanwhile, those who are looking for a real mattress will quickly be disappointed. After all, the sleeping habits, body measurements, and problem regions are so different for each person that neither luxury mattresses nor the best-tested mattresses necessarily help with back pain. However, if you consider important factors in your selection, you will find individually in search of a back-friendly sleeping pad.

Dispose of your mattress

Mattresses have a lifespan at least 11 years but are used much longer. However, older documents no longer offer sufficient body support. In addition, there are so-called reclining caves, which make lying unbearable. Therefore, you should dispose of such sleeping pads quickly so that your pain finally ends.

What factors determine the choice of mattresses for back pain

The right degree of hardness.

The mattress must not be too hard so that pain in the neck and back does not increase when lying down. However, it must not be too soft, so that the back in the side and back position cannot hang through. You can help you with the specified hardness levels of the manufacturers, even if there is no uniform system for the information. The hardness levels are provided with information on the permissible body weight for most manufacturers.

Orthopedic healthy body adaptation

The sleeping pad should provide an orthopedic healthy body adjustment in every sleeping position as well as optimal pressure relief of the spine and joints. A good mattress for back pain does not compress the spine even in the side position. The anatomical ducat double S curvature is always maintained. This can be realized by point-elastic materials.

Point-elastic materials

Point elasticity is an important quality feature of sleep systems. Point elasticity means that the material yields only where occasional pressure is applied. The material adapts exactly to the penetrating body and the print is distributed over the surface of the body. This pressure equalization results in a relief of the intervertebral discs, joints, and shoulders so that well-being and relaxation are set.
bed sheets
Particularly high point elasticity is made of sleep pads made of viscoelastic foam, natural latex, cold foam, and pocket spring mattresses. Natural latex and Gizdo foam provide the best relief for back pain.

Shoulder lowering

A back-suitable mattress has a corresponding shoulder lowering, which is slightly softer than the rest of the material worked. This allows you to achieve harmonious and healthy sleeping comfort.

Give way in the pool zone

A good brand mattress for back pain also gives way to the pelvic zone. This makes people with sciatica pain, in particular, feel comfortable lying down and receive a lasting relief from their ailments.

The role of the sleeping position in selecting the right sleeping pad

Your sleeping position is extremely important when choosing the right mattress. If you are a back sleeper, the underlay should ideally support your neck area and lumbar spine.

For side sleepers, a good sleeping pad on the pelvis and shoulders must give way, so that no congestion occurs here.

Therefore, side sleepers have different selection criteria than back sleepers and abdominal sleepers. However, there are also materials suitable for all sleeping positions, such as natural latex and Gizdo foam.
It is important that the mattress is comfortable for both the back position and the side position, as most people change their sleeping position several times at night and the majority count among the back sleepers and side sleepers.

Different mattress types at a glance

Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam is a material that has a good open-pored and uneven structure. This special structure gives the foam high durability, recyclability, breathability, point elasticity, and dimensional stability.

Due to its good point elasticity, it can optimally adapt to the body contours, so that the spine is aligned anatomically correctly, even in the side position.
Meanwhile, the shoulder and pelvis can sink deeper into the foam. Cold foam mattresses are often equipped with special cutting techniques. In combination with Gizdo foam, they form the supporting support material on which the thermoelastic Gizdo foam is applied.

Elza Children Cold Foam Mattress Jonas:

This comfortable, smooth-cut children’s mattress is suitable for toddlers and kindergarten children up to the age of 6. Even children can already suffer from back pain and find a restful and healthy sleep on this base thanks to the relief of their body and the relaxation of their muscles. This sleeping pad has also earned itself preventively.

Gizdo mattresses/Gizdo cold foam combi mattresses

The breathable, point-elastic and soft viscose foam was originally developed in the NASA laboratories for manned space travel. Due to its high point elasticity, it distributes the body pressure, which acts on the sleeping pad, evenly over the surface. This effect prevents pressure peaks on the body and provides effective relief for the pelvis, shoulders, and joints to ensure extensive regeneration and relaxation.

Gizdo foam is often used in combination with cold foam.

Elza Moonlight special mattress:

This model of Gizdo foam mattress has a middle core made of special elastic foam, in which 5 lying zones are inserted. On both sides, the core is covered by a 3 cm thick layer of Gizdo foam. The entire sleeping pad is covered with a removable, washable, elastic double cloth with Medicott equipment. Thanks to the Gizdo foam pad on both sides, a viscoelastic mattress topper is no longer necessary to increase lying comfort. Since the thickness of the upper foam layer is only 3 cm, abdominal sleepers can also use this model. A higher layer would overstretch the neck muscles.

Pocket spring mattresses

In this type of spring mattress, the individual steel spring cores are each sewn into their own pockets, which are connected to dampen the suspension. This means that the spring cores cannot resonate in this way.
Just in this case, jersey knit sheets on are really suit, because they do an excellent job with this problem and do not slide off the spring mattress. Plus, they are very flexible and soft. Also, the pocket spring mattresses have a high support power and point elasticity.

The flexible pocket spring mattresses are the so-called barrel pocket spring mattresses, in which the sewn-in springs have a barrel shape and thus have an even more point-elastic effect.

Thanks to this property, they adapt perfectly to the body and relieve the entire musculoskeletal system.


With its multi-zone support system of the barrel pocket spring cores, this model offers a pleasant and relaxed lying comfort for back and side sleepers with back problems. The double-sided upholstery made of climate-regulating brand edging fiber also supports a healthy sleeping climate. The divisible and removable mattress cover can be washed at temperatures up to 95 °C. Sleeping with back pain would make it easier for many people thanks to ProActiv.

Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex is a very shape-resistant material with a high space weight and high point elasticity. It is made of vulcanized and foamed rubber. The material has a pleasantly supple consistency that supports sleeping pads in their comfort properties.

Natural latex mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions.

Dormiente Natural Latex Mattress Natural Eco Plus:

In this model, a 2.5 cm thick core of latex coconut fiber fabric is enclosed on both sides by a 5 cm thick layer of 100% Hevea natural latex made of flex cuts. Through this combination, the model optimizes support comfort and provides effective relief for the spine, shoulders, and pelvis of adolescents and young adults with back pain. The skin-friendly cotton cover can be washed at 60 °C.

Zone mattresses

The lying zones of the 5- or 7-zone mattresses ensure an optimal adaptation to the body contour and thus to a pressure equalization, which has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Zone mattresses offer a back-friendly sleeping position, as the spine is not bent in the side position, but lies straight and horizontal.

In the case of zone mattresses, it is not the number of zones that are decisive, but that the body parts can be placed correctly accordingly.

Model Vital 7-zone cold foam mattress:

This model has 7 zones, which are constructed in a mirror symmetry consisting of area for head and neck, shoulder zone, lumbar zone, pelvis (mirror plane), supporting zone (equal to lumbar region), soft zone (equal to shoulder zone) and medium-strength zone (equal to head and neck area).
Due to the point-elastic cold foam and the different zones in each lying position, the model adapts to the body contours and thus gives the spine and back muscles important and effective relief and relaxation, which contributes to pain relief in case of back problems. With this model, too, the cover is removable and washable.

What you should pay special attention to in case of back pain

As you can see, if you want to sleep well with back pain, you are not fixed on a mattress type. One swears on his natural mattress for relief, another on cold foam. Make sure your mattress allows heavy body regions such as pelvis and shoulder to sink sufficiently, while other areas are supported to ensure effective relief.

Thus, we can conclude regarding the items described. The most important thing is to carefully choose the product that you are going to purchase and pay attention to accessories that suit them.It is equally important that your spine is straight energized so that the intervertebral discs can regenerate extensively and there is no pain in the back and neck area. This means that nothing stands in the way of the best solution for you personally. If you need advice on your mattress for back pain, we will be happy to help you with Bed Trend.